Marty Herman | Owner, Manager | Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art

The accomplished founder, owner, and manager at Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art in Sedona, Arizona—one of the largest and most unique fine art galleries in the world—since 1996, Marty Herman, along with his wife Diane, has strived to provide a space for diverse art “with honesty, integrity, and love.” The gallery, which blends the atmospheres of a small family-owned business with the sophistication of a fine art museum, separates itself from most by having a strong partnership with the nearly 100 artists, including oil and acrylic painters, sculptors, and fine jewelry artists, whose work is displayed for the community across a 20,000 square feet space.

A Vietnam veteran, Mr. Herman began his career as a marketing manager for Pacific Stereo from 1971 to 1974 before finding success as executive vice president and general manager at University Stereo for five years—during which he was also founder and president of JAM Advertising in Los Angeles. Throughout the 1980s, he served as head swim coach for the Special Olympics and then the vice president of marketing at Inference Corporation. At 35, he was a millionaire and able to retire, which allowed him to sail the world as a sea captain for World Travelers from 1984 to 1990.

Prior to establishing his own, he had been to about 250 art galleries and overall felt unhappy with them, which inspired him to start Exposures, where he could highlight collaborative honesty between the artist and the client. Upon his return from his global travels, he noticed how different California was than when he lived there. He called the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and someone there recommended that he move to Sedona, Arizona. Once there, he was eager to build something—the tiny art gallery it started as grew into one of the largest in the country. It celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021.

Featured in major publications like Bloomberg, Forbes, and Architectural Digest, Mr. Herman was honored with a Cultural Achievement Award from the Sedona Chamber of Commerce in 2022 and the gallery has been recognized as being among the 25 Best American Galleries and Museums and listed as the Best Art Gallery in both Sedona and Arizona. Through Exposures, he has also been inducted into the Business Hall of Fame.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Herman is currently working with a group to create an AI learning center for religious studies in Arizona.

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